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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Weather Inappropriate

What I'm wearing:
Jacket - thrifted
Short-sleeved sweater - Zara Studio
Jeans - Topman
Tote - McQueen at the V&A
Chelsea boots - ASOS

Choosing what to wear whilst on holiday is a meticulous process, which, if you're as sad as me, involves thoughtful planning, many lists and even the odd 'clothing chart'. Don't even get me started on the constraints of having to fit everything you want to wear in your carry-on luggage. Whilst Cat and myself were in Copenhagen (which I promise I'm nearly done talking about), we had the added bonus of unpredictable weather to make almost all of our outfits at least vaguely inappropriate. ...Let's just say that a thin linen top and ripped jeans didn't make for the most thermal ensemble to pose in.

Whilst in Copenhagen, we thoroughly enjoyed perusing the Danish Museum of Art & Design. There, we learnt a lot about the evolution of Danish style and the influence that Japanese tailoring had and continues to have long after the two cultures first crossed paths in the mid-19th century. I've always admired the effortlessness of Scandinavian style but I struggle to emulate it in my own wardrobe. For the last four years I've worn almost exclusively skin tight jeans that verge on tights, but more recently I've attempted (with varying degrees of success) to venture into the world of trousers that don't cut off the circulation to my legs. I mean, I'm still wearing skin tight jeans in this post, but I am trying, I promise...

When I found this relaxed fit sweater on the Zara Studio website, I instantly fell in love. Whilst I'm not the biggest fan of unfinished seams and raw edges, I love the 'boxy' nature of its tailoring and I've really enjoyed pairing it with the different staples of my wardrobe (hence why you might recognise most of this outfit from my winter lookbook). As much as I like this outfit, I must admit that it was decidedly inappropriate for the biting winds and occasional bouts of rain that Copenhagen decided to throw at us! If you look carefully, you can see my frostbitten knees and red-raw fingers that came this close to falling off...

I've really enjoyed playing with different styles of tailoring recently and hopefully I'll be able to document some of my future endeavours and adventures away from skinny jeans on my blog in the future!
Photos by the wonderful Cat O'Brien.


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