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Thursday, 18 February 2016

University Room Tour

A couple of weeks before I returned to the scary world of university and independence back in September, I uploaded a room tour of my childhood bedroom. In that post I hinted at the possibility of doing a tour of my university second year bedroom once I'd moved in, completely oblivious to the anarchy of moving that I'd all but forgotten. So, five months later, I thought it was better late than never to made good on my promise!

In the interest of honesty and transparency, I should point out that whilst my bedroom back at home is usually as tidy as when I photographed it, shooting this required a little bit more... deep cleaning. Usually I'm an incredibly tidy person, but when I'm consumed by deadline stress or hopelessly trying to get ready for a night out that I'm running hideously late for, sometimes it's just easier to make a floor-drobe and embrace the chaos. I must say, however, that shooting this post gave me a very good opportunity to tidy my room and a proper sense of truly having my life together. If only for an afternoon.
Overly enthusiastic 'medicines!' box, IKEA; my slightly pathetic record 'collection'; record player, Urban Outfitters; kilner jar, IKEA; inherited sambuca that I will never finish; photographic evidence that I actually have friends.

Wall clock, IKEA; 'roll my eyes' frame, present; half-decent mirror that came with the room; jar, IKEA; vanity mirror, HomeSense; three wise monkeys, Maldivian gift shop (lol).

No student bedroom is completely without a little bit of Pinterest pretentiousness, right? Bottles procured by being a functioning alcoholic; multicoloured candles, Tiger; festoon battery lights, Tiger; galaxy fairy lights, Urban Outfitters.

Where the magic (eating Domino's and watching Netflix alone) happens. Floor lamp, IKEA; blue cushion, IKEA; cheesy quote cushion, present; obnoxiously placed MacBook; polka-dot pillowcases and under sheet, Primark; duvet cover, NEXT; hideous chair that came with the room; tartan blanket, Primark; cream throw, IKEA; Alice's Adventures in Wonderland print, litographs.com.

A cabinet that brings together my two favourite things: books and Pokémon. 'Rebecca' box (which came with a mug) and matching notebook, Virago (available at Waterstones); coffee print, leaving work present; small sample of my Pokémon plushy collection (Charmander and Squirtle courtesy of Beth); 'drink me' bottles, present (from when Guildford celebrated 150 years of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland).

My 'desk' (if you can really call it that (it has no chair)), where the other magic (university work) doesn't happen. Framed make-up wipe from when I went to a Bowie tribute night as Aladdin Sane; frame, Tiger; Sylvia Plath print, present (from Etsy); desk pad, Knock Knock; discarded mirror from work that I painted black; pot, Tiger; incense, Urban Outfitters; fake plant, IKEA; lamp, Homebase (I think); personalised notebook, back to uni present from Cat.

Proof that fairy lights improve any type of space. Foul sofa that came with the room; black and white tapestry, Amazon; multicoloured tapestry, Etsy; white cushions, Primark; homemade cushion, made by Cat; net of fairy lights, Wilko; festoon lights, IKEA.

A friendly reminder for when I'm tired and thirsty after I had to sacrifice the original bottle. Oh, the prices one must pay for a heinously Pinterest candle.
 Student house ESSENTIAL, portable heater; Gatsby print, Paisley Cat (shop in Farnham).
Overly enthusiastic 'pants!' and 'socks!' boxes, IKEA. Apparently my room is big enough to have a double bed AND a full sized sofa, but no drawers. Fantastic.
Life-size teddy and the love of my life, Amazon. That's where I bought him, not his name. ...Not that I've given him a name.
And last but by no means least, the shameful collection of Domino's boxes under my bed. Out of sight, out of mind. I told you I believed in online transparency!

So that's my second year university bedroom! Whilst it's not a white walled, exposed floorboard, shabby chic room of which the dreams of bloggers are made, I'm happy with how it's looking now. It can be difficult to take an impersonal space, such as a student bedroom, and make it your own, but I definitely feel like I've put my own twist on this room and I'll be sad to see it go when I move out.

At the risk of making more promises I can't keep, here's hoping that when I move into my new house for my third (and final (*gulp*)) year of university, I'll upload the room tour a tad more promptly!


  1. Loving the pretentious Pinterest candles hahah, will definitely be stealing that one when I head to uni in September!

    1. It was either reuse the bottles like that or carry them to the nearest recycling centre!

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  2. You have this magic with making spaces look so beautiful! I am hoping that I'll be able to do the same when I move into student accommodation next year but I have decided not too promise anything! Beautifully written as always

    Emily - www.positivelystupendous.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! My biggest tips are fairy lights, loads of blankets/cushions and photos from home, they make such a difference!

  3. my goddness! your room is so wonderful :) it is so cozy and magical. i'd never leave this room tbh :)

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