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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Travel Bucket List: 1, 5 and 10 Years

My mother raised me on a ‘life’s too short’ mentality, and for that, I will be forever in her debt. Guy Lombardo’s immortal ‘Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)’ has echoed around our house for nearly a decade and its message is simply timeless: do what you want today because you’ll never know if you have tomorrow. A slightly morbid undertone for an upbringing, yes, but over the years it’s taught me two invaluable lessons; I want nothing more than to write and to travel the world.

Despite quite openly reflecting on 2015 and deciding that it was perhaps a better year than I gave it credit for, I can’t help but regret how little I travelled. When I wasn’t at university, I very much stayed in my comfort blanket of Surrey, only leaving the house to go to work or see friends. Every shift, on my half an hour break, I’d check Instagram and be overwhelmed with jealousy of my friends that were either travelling across Europe, exploring America or lying on the beaches of some unnamed paradise. One can only live vicariously through others so much, and this year I've decided to take note of what my mother taught me and see more of the world for myself.

In the spirit of that, I thought I’d share my ultimate travel bucket list with you and the places I’m desperate to visit in the next one, five and ten years!

In the NEXT year:

1. Venice, Italy
After first visiting Venice as a little infant with curly hair and an unformed memory, I vowed that I would return with the love of my life one day. WELL I’M SICK OF WAITING. I’ve grown bored of standing by for The One to fall at my feet and so I’m making it my mission to visit the most beautiful city in the world this year with one of my friends.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
After my brother embarked on what can only be described as an odyssey around Europe two years ago, I’ve been sullen with jealousy ever since and decided that 2016 would be the year I follow in his footsteps. This summer I want to go Interrailing and I can't think of a better place to start than Amsterdam, even if only for the sex museum, coffee shops and the views over the canal that practically upload themselves to Instagram.

3. Prague, Czech Republic
This was one of the destinations my brother raved about, and after seeing his photos, I instantly fell in love with the architecture and the views over the city. As well as this, I have recurring dreams about visiting the Baroque Library Hall within the Klementinum. I’m not joking. Seriously. Look it up.

4. Bratislava, Slovakia
This one is very much a ‘two birds, one stone’ job; the city itself looks stunning and with its proximity to Vienna *Miley Cyrus voice* YOU GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

5. Lake Bled, Slovenia
If you’ve ever seen a photo of Lake Bled or been lucky enough to see it in person, you don’t need me to say why I want to go there. It speaks for itself.

In the next FIVE years:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark
There’s so much more of Europe that I want to see beyond Interrailing and Copenhagen is an example of that; I adore cities built around rivers and canals and I’m desperate to one day see Copenhagen’s iconic waterfront for myself.

2. Stockholm, Sweden
There’s a very slim chance that I might make it to Sweden in 2016 (FOR EUROVISION, NO LESS) should it not coincide with my exams but I’m not holding my breath. Should the fates be against me, I’ll reconvene in the not too distant future and see this wonderful city then. I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

3. Santorini, Greece
I have been in love with Santorini ever since I first dived up into Sootopolis City in Pokémon Sapphire back in 2003. When my mum looked over my shoulder, she dug out her old holiday photos and showed me the inspiration behind the town my character was running around in. For the last 13 years I’ve wanted to go nowhere else, and now my mum and myself are planning a trip there in 2017 (even though she did go back last year (if it falls through, though, I’ll have no choice but to feed her to Kyogre in the depths of the Cave of Origin…))

4. Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland is a destination that I’ve been pining after for five years now and I’m aching to make it a reality in the future. From the Blue Lagoon to the glaciers to the possibility of seeing the northern lights, there’s nothing that could put me off going to Reykjavik (apart from having to Google it every time I try to spell it).

5. New York City, USA
I’ve been lucky enough to visit New York multiple times in my life already, but once twice three times isn't enough. In my opinion, New York is the only other city in the world that could ever hold a candle to London. Period.

In the next TEN years:

1) Japan
The only other place that could ever rival Santorini, in my eyes, is Japan. I want to see the shrines of Kyoto against the backdrop of the autumn colours, I want to get hopelessly lost in Tokyo and run across the scramble crossing like an idiot, I WANT TO SPEND AN ENTIRE DAY IN THE POKéMON CENTRE IN SUNSHINE CITY REGARDLESS OF WHAT MY TRAVELLING PARTNER WANTS TO DO. I just really want to experience Japan for myself, from its ancient roots to its modern culture to its magical toilets. That’s all.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru
I’m not the kind of person whose life would feel incomplete if they didn’t see all of the wonders of the world, but Machu Picchu really is the one for me (and not just because it sounds like the pre-evolution of Pikachu).

3. Vietnam
A quick Google search will show you just how breathtakingly beautiful this country is and one day I hope to dig a little deeper than that and see it for myself in all its glory.

4. San Francisco, USA
As much as I adore New York, the one other city in the USA that I really want to see and experience (when I’m 21 and can actually do stuff) is San Francisco. Far more than LA, really. Give me the Golden Gate Bridge over the Hollywood sign any day.

5. Singapore
This is potentially the most unrealistic of the entire list and something I will almost definitely not do in the next 10 years, but one day I WILL swim in the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool and watch Singapore below my paddling feet. Make like an English teacher and mark my words.

As I sit in my freezing university bedroom wrapped up in blankets and staring at the peeling wallpaper, I can't help but dream of more inspiring surroundings and warmer climates. However, despite my insatiable wanderlust, writing this has reaffirmed just how much I want to travel and just how hard I'll work in the future to make those dreams a reality. 

If any of these destinations are also on your travel bucket list or if there's somewhere you're desperate to visit, then please let me know in the comments!



  1. Fiji is top of my list at the moment! I'm also DESPERATE to get to New York and Japan, and my European bucket list is longer than my arm

    1. How could I forget about Fiji?! I'm the exact same with Europe, there are so many beautiful cities and I low key want to see them all!

  2. I can't lie, I've wanted to go to Santorini since seeing Zoella's holiday photos. As always, your writing was a joy to read!

    Anna x

    1. Santorini is the dream (and not just for the Instagram photos (even if that is a motive)). Thank you so much, I adore reading all of your posts as well!

  3. I am off to Costa Rica this year which has always been a dream of mine! I am also determined to make Amsterdam a reality this year. I have been desperate to go for so long now and I want to make 2016 the year. Good luck with your bucket list, I hope you get to travel to all of the above places :-)

    Emily ~ www.positivelystupendous.co.uk

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