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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Zoella Drinking Game

This is a post I’ve wanted to make ever since I first came up with the concept and tested it with my friends three months ago. After getting heinously inebriated and spending the following morning afternoon nursing our hangovers with trash TV and endless cups of tea, I knew that I had to share it with the world.
This, my friends, is the Zoella drinking game.

Despite the fact that I’m not exactly her target demographic, I’m actually incredibly fond of Zoella. After nearly 4 years of loyal viewership, I can promise that this post comes from nothing but a place of love (and careful observation).

(DISCLAIMER: this is obviously meant for people of legal drinking age, so if you’re under 18, play with marshmallows or something.)

- DO NOT PLAY WITH SHOTS. Wine, beer or cider is ideal. I don’t like accepting responsibility for my own actions so I’m definitely not accepting any if you die.
- Know your limits and play no more than two rounds (2 videos) at a time.

For best results, play with favourites or hauls videos. Click here to get started:

Drink 1 finger:
- Every time she touches her hair (WARNING: this one is deadly).
- Every time she says the word ‘love’ or that she loves something.
- Every time she describes something as ‘amazing’ or ‘cute’.
- Every time a product is praised for its pigmentation.

2 fingers:
- Every time you think that she’d make a good children’s TV presenter (mainly because of her predominantly 10-year-old audience).
- Every time that she says a product is expensive/pricey but worth it.
- Every time something that’s rose gold or copper is featured.

3 fingers:
- Every time she doesn’t know how to end a sentence and it trails off slowly.
- Every time she smells a product and sighs with content.
- Every time she uses a word that you haven’t heard since primary school.

Finish your drink:
- Every time Alfie or Nala turn up unexpectedly.
- Every time the royalty free glockenspiel and ukulele music loops.
- Every time you realise that at the age of 25 she’s more successful than you’ll ever be.

Here’s a photo of myself, Amy, Alex and Tara playing the other day. A big shout out to all of them for helping me to develop this wonderful excuse to binge drink. Once again, a lot of Jeremy Kyle and tea was required to revive us.

Have fun, remember to drink responsibly and leave any comments down below telling me how you got on if you played it!


  1. This is brilliant, thank you for sharing hahah x

  2. Hahaha to be honest you could probably make one of these for most beauty Youtubers! Sounds like you had a good few nights testing it out
    Megan x meguana.co.uk

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